Clinicians Honored

The second class of Columbia clinicians was inducted into the Academy of Clinical Excellence at VP&S in May. The 35 new faculty join the faculty who were among the inaugural class inducted in 2017.

The academy honors the accomplishments of faculty members who contribute to the VP&S academic mission by providing high quality, evidence-based, and humanistic patient care. Members will work on committees that support faculty and trainee mentorship, plan special lectures and events, and lead communications efforts. All members, who have been at Columbia for five or more years, spend more than 50 percent of their time on patient care and training the next generation of clinicians.


Linda Jennettee Addonizio’78, Pediatrics
Michael Argenziano’92, Surgery
Stan D. Arkow’77, Psychiatry
Jeffrey A. Ascherman’88, Surgery
Evelyn Attia’86, Psychiatry
Robert C. Basner’83, Medicine
Mitchell C. Benson’77, Urology
Marc Brown’91, Radiology
John C.M. Brust’62, Neurology
Nancy Chang’95, Medicine
Stanley Chang’74, Ophthalmology
Guarionex Joel DeCastro’04, Urology
Marc L. Dickstein’87, Anesthesiology
Pamela U. Freda’88, Medicine
Maria C. Garzon’88, Dermatology and Pediatrics
Peter L. Geller’80, Surgery
Robin S. Goland’80, Medicine
Scott M. Hammer’72, Medicine
Joshua E. Hyman’90, Orthopedic Surgery
Robert Kazim’87, Anesthesiology
Judith Korner’92 PhD/’93MD, Medicine
Salila Kurra’03, Medicine
James A. Lee’99, Surgery
Charles J. Lightdale’66, Medicine
Robert McConnell’73, Medicine
Paul C. McCormick’82, Neurological Surgery
James M. McKiernan’93, Urology
John Gregory Mears’73, Medicine
Russell Miller’01, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sara Nash’05, Psychiatry
Donald Oliver Quest’70, Neurological Surgery
LeRoy E. Rabbani’84, Medicine
Melvin P. Rosenwasser’76, Orthopedic Surgery
David Price Roye’75, Orthopedic Surgery
Carrie B. Ruzal-Shapiro’82, Radiology
David I. Sahar’80, Medicine
Peter L. Salgo’75, Anesthesiology and Medicine
Allan Schwartz’74, Medicine
Peter A. Shapiro’80, Psychiatry
Robert J. Strauch’82, Orthopedic Surgery
Byron M. Thomashow’74, Medicine
Stephen L. Trokel’65 MSD, Ophthalmology
Michael G. Vitale’95, Orthopedic Surgery
Mark Weidenbaum’81, Orthopedic Surgery
Robert A. Whittington’90, Anesthesiology
Bryan J. Winn’00, Ophthalmology