Alumni in Print

A Cardiologist Explains Things: Basic Information for the Layperson

Paul Lurie’42 Independent Publishing, 2015

In his new book, Dr. Lurie breaks down complex cardiology processes and procedures in a simple, streamlined way. After enjoying Lifetime Learning Institute courses, Dr. Lurie decided to teach his own eight-session course on his area of expertise, and the course attracted an enthusiastic following. The success of his lecture series led to “A Cardiologist Explains Things.” Dr. Lurie, a pioneer in the subspecialty of modern pediatric cardiology, takes the skill of elucidation honed by years of medical practice and teaching and presents it to a broader audience of patients and parents.


Dark Matters: Seven Variations on a Theme

Benet Kolman’67

Damianos Publishing, 2015

Dr. Kolman’s debut collection of short stories depicts seven diverse characters in diverse times and situations united by a common motif: the power of illusion. The stories explore the power of illusion to drive human striving, the persistence of striving in the face of recurrent disillusion, the “dark matters” of human nature, the struggle, in an ambiguous world, between good and evil, and the necessity, in such a world, for belief.


My Goose Got Loose

James Reiffel’69

Authorhouse, 2015

Roseanna Ellaby lives with an extraordinary collection of animals. When a thunderstorm spooks a moose into crashing through her home’s front door, Roseanna’s most beloved roommate, a baby goose, decides it is a good time to set out on an adventure of its own. In “My Goose Got Loose,” readers follow the goose as it takes its first taste of freedom while the family fearfully awaits its return home. While all children, human and animal, are meant to grow up and go out on their own, “My Goose Got Loose,” illustrated by Dr. Reiffel’s granddaughters, tells the story of what happens when a child leaves home too soon.


Wellness in Mind: Your Brain’s Surprising Secrets to Gaining Health from the Inside Out

Sally Kasparek Severino’70

Lulu Publishing Services, 2016

Dr. Severino’s latest book offers new strategies for individuals who desire to master relationships with themselves, food, exercise, and even other people in the quest to achieve comprehensive wellness. These strategies guide readers to focus on being image, a concept described as the total experience of being in collaboration with and through others to co-create a world of wellness. Taking a three-part approach, “Wellness in Mind” strives to transform the way people feel about themselves and their health by identifying the power of the brain to rewire itself and build new connections that support healing of the total being.


Reagan’s 1968 Dress Rehearsal: Ike, RFK, and Reagan’s Emergence as a World Statesman

Gene Kopelson’77

University of Southern California Figueroa Press, 2016

In his latest book, P&S physician-turned-historian Dr. Kopelson explores what made Ronald Reagan decide to run for the presidency in 1968, despite growing anti-war sentiments. In his research of Reagan’s campaign process, Dr. Kopelson uncovered the hidden influence of President Dwight Eisenhower, who acted as a mentor to then GOP-novice Reagan. As a historian, Dr. Kopelson has published works on Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Republican politics at large. His research on Reagan and Eisenhower in particular was featured at the 125th commemoration of the birth of Eisenhower at the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library.


Heal Your Hips: How to Prevent Hip Surgery and What to Do if You Need It

Robert Klapper’83

Wiley, 2015

Dr. Klapper’s best-selling comprehensive guide to hip health now has a second edition that includes more content about preventive medicine. This new edition, coauthored by aquatic therapist Lynda Huey, provides illustrated step-by-step exercises for preventive and rehabilitative measures and discusses cutting-edge advances in orthopedics, including techniques he uses. Dr. Klapper combines his love of art and medicine to explain complex scientific processes in understandable ways by using everyday objects and images to relate them to relevant anatomical structures. This updated version maintains the vision of the original with the goal of preventing hip surgery altogether.


Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program: Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong, Fit, and Sexy

Henry S. Lodge’85

Workman Publishing Company, 2015

Dr. Lodge’s latest book in his “Younger Next Year” series provides evidence-based advice on how to work out effectively, safely, and smartly to reverse aging through the power of aerobics and strength fitness. Dr. Lodge has co-authored the series with Chris Crowley, a longtime patient and living proof of his theories. The most recent edition includes an illustrated step-by-step exercise guide with an explanation of the underlying scientific theory of aging and exercise.


A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora

Jenna Le’10

Anchor & Plume Press, 2016

Dr. Le’s second book of poetry was praised by poet Kim Bridgford as “both clever and poignant…magical and original.” In this collection, Dr. Le examines the similarities between land and sea creatures, particularly in the way they are defined by their predecessors’ immigrant narratives. The poems draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including Dr. Le’s second-generation Vietnamese-American upbringing, her interest in animals and ecology, and her encounters with humanity, illness, and death working as an intern and resident in the outer boroughs of New York City. Dr. Le’s first book, “Six Rivers,” made the poetry bestsellers list compiled by Small Press Distribution, a nonprofit that distributes literature published by more than 400 small and independent presses.