Alumni in Print

Finding Purpose: 
A Neurosurgeon’s Journey 
of Hope and Healing

Anthony M. Avellino’92, 2021 

Dr. Avellino has triumphed over a lifelong battle with stuttering, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, depression, and suicidal thoughts. He attributes his success to family, friends, and ultra-running. In this book, he shares his story so he can raise awareness of mental health and help readers gain the insights and skills they need to heal, find purpose, and live their best life. He hopes his book will be a resource for his medical colleagues who routinely underestimate the fatigue, trauma, and stress they experience until, as he learned, they become one of the statistics–burned out, depressed, and suicidal. “I wish I knew 35 years ago what I have come to learn,” says Dr. Avellino, “that the road to a healthier, more purposeful life requires that you listen to discover your life’s journey, learn from your failures, and then take the steps to heal.”