Leonard C. Harber, MD, chair of the Department of Dermatology from 1973 to 1989 and the Rhodeback Professor Emeritus of Dermatology, died Oct. 12, 2014. He also was professor emeritus of public health (environmental health sciences).

Dr. Harber is credited with building the department into a modern academic department that has a strong emphasis on basic science and is highly regarded for its educational programs.

During his tenure as chair, Dr. Harber established one of the world’s foremost centers dedicated to the phototherapy of skin disorders, such as psoriasis. He was a distinguished clinical researcher and one of the leading academic dermatologists of his generation, pioneering innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques now widely used in managing patients with photosensitivity diseases. In 1978, a research team led by Dr. Harber developed an animal model to detect chemicals in the environment that interact with sunlight to cause contact dermatitis.

Dr. Harber was the fifth chair of the Department of Dermatology, which grew out of the affiliation between P&S and Presbyterian Hospital in the early 20th century.



Geary Ahern, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry, died April 24, 2014.

Stanley B. Braham, MD, retired associate clinical professor of urology, died March 27, 2014. (See Alumni In Memoriam, Class of 1947, for more information.)

Israeli A. Jaffe, MD, professor emeritus of clinical medicine, died Sept. 24, 2014. (See Alumni In Memoriam, Class of 1950, for more information.)

Alfred Jaretzki III, MD, professor emeritus of clinical surgery, died May 29, 2014.

Alvin I. Krasna, PhD, professor emeritus of biochemistry & molecular biophysics, died Jan. 27, 2014. (See Alumni In Memoriam, Class of 1955 PhD, for more information.)

Imre Redai, MD, former assistant professor of anesthesiology, died June 21, 2014.

Joseph Sweeting, MD, professor of clinical medicine, died April 29, 2014. (See Alumni In Memoriam, Class of 1956, for more information.)