Commencement 2016: Faculty and Student Awards

P&S Graduation 2016

Faculty Awards

P&S Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Karl H. Perzin, MD, professor emeritus of clinical surgical pathology, and Gerald Thomson, MD, the Lambert Professor Emeritus of Medicine and the R. Sonneborn Professor Emeritus of Medicine.

Charles W. Bohmfalk Awards were presented to Patrice Spitalnik, MD, associate professor of pathology & cell biology at CUMC, for pre-clinical years, and Beth Barron, MD, assistant professor of medicine at CUMC, for clinical years.

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award presented by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation was given to Byron Thomashow, MD, professor of medicine at CUMC.

The Stevens Triennial Prize for excellence in original medical research was presented to Gerard Karsenty, MD, PhD, the Paul A. Marks Professor of Genetics & Development, professor of medicine, and chair of the Department of Genetics & Development.

The Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award in basic sciences was given to Michele M. Shirasu-Hiza, PhD, assistant professor of genetics & development. The Dr. Harold and Golden Lamport Research Award in clinical sciences was given to Dietrich Egli, PhD, assistant professor of developmental cell biology (in pediatrics).

The Class of 2016 gave its Distinguished Teacher Award to Rachel Gordon, MD, assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at CUMC.

Student Awards and Prizes

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the College of Physicians and Surgeons

Patrick William John Kaifosh

Joseph John-Charles Thome

Titus M. Coan Prize for Excellence in Research

            Basic cell & molecular biology: Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria

            Translational biology: Gary Z. Wang

Doctor Harry S. Altman Award (outstanding achievement in pediatric ambulatory care)

Christina F. Sanders

Alumni Association Award (in recognition of interest in and devotion to the College of Physicians and Surgeons and its Alumni Association)

Mili Mehta

AAN Medical Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology

Kara E. Shetler

The Virginia P. Apgar Award (excellence in anesthesiology)

Kasey M. Grewe

Michael H. Aranow Memorial Prize (best exemplifies the caring and humane qualities of the practicing physician)

Christopher J. Gonzalez

Herbert J. Bartelstone Award (exceptional accomplishments in pharmacology)

Heidi S. Lumish

The Behrens Memorial Prize in Ophthalmology (outstanding graduate entering ophthalmology)

Victoria S. North

The Edward T. Bello, MD, Listening Award (best portrays the art of listening to patients, colleagues, and self in practicing the chosen field of medicine)

Daniel K. Manson

Samuel C. Porter

Robert G. Bertsch Prize (emulates Dr. Bertsch’s ideals of the humane surgeon)

David J. Droullard

The Campbell Award (given to a graduating student at each school who demonstrates exceptional leadership and an exemplary job building spirit at Columbia)

Jonah Rubin

Chair of Medicine Award (given by the Barasch Family to a graduating senior medical student who best exemplifies the vision, intellectual clarity, and moral compass that characterize the work of the leadership of the Department of Medicine)

Julie Erika M. Haydu

Coakley Memorial Prize (outstanding achievement in otolaryngology)

Zhen J. Qian

Alana N. Aylward

Titus Munson Coan Prize (best essay in biological sciences)

Neil T. Pfister

Anna Kress

Elizabeth F. Stone

Thomas F. Cock Prize (excellence in obstetrics and gynecology)

Claire J. Tobias

Rosamond Kane Cummins’52 Award (graduate entering orthopedics with academic excellence, sensitivity, kindness, devotion to patients, and the fine human qualities that she exemplified)

Hasani W. Swindell

The Endocrine Society’s Medical Student Achievement Award

Mollie B. Tucker

Excellence in Public Health Award

Alisa J. Prager

Daniel J. Fink, MD, Memorial Prize (best exemplifies Dr. Fink’s enthusiasm for the study and practice of medicine)

Alexander K. Lyashchenko

Glasgow-Rubin Achievement Award (presented to women students graduating in the top 10 percent of their class)

Jennifer S. Harrington-Knopf

Julie Erika M. Haydu

Heidi S. Lumish

Victoria S. North

Kasey M. Grewe

Nadine C. Pardee

Shelia Shaigany

Sherry Shen

Portia E. Sirinek

Rebecca L. Tisdale

Doctor Charles E. Hamilton Award (excellence in pulmonary disease)

Michael A. Thomashow

The Izard Prize in Cardiology (excellence in cardiology)

Katie L. Hatch

Janeway Prize (highest achievement and abilities in the graduating class)

Joshua R. Cook

The Jerry Jacobs Prize in Pediatrics (excellence in the differential diagnosis and treatment of disorders in children)

Sarah B. Schechter

Albert B. Knapp Scholarship (awarded at the conclusion of the third year to the medical students with highest scholarship in the first three years)

Jennifer S. Harrington-Knopf

Heidi S. Lumish

Victoria S. North

Ravi R. Shah

Michael A. Thomashow

John K. Lattimer Prize in Urology (outstanding essay in urology)

Michael J. Biles

The Samuel and Beatrice Leib Memorial Prize in Ophthalmology (outstanding graduate entering ophthalmology)

Andrew Zheng

The Stephanie Liem Azar Memorial Award (presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated commitment to harm reduction and providing compassionate care to drug users)

Erika M. Ryan

Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD, (P&S’58) Award for Excellence in Biomedical Informatics

Tristan D. Hunt

Andrew Mark Lippard Memorial Research Award in Neuroscience (excellence in research in neuroscience by an MD/PhD student)

Mariel G. Kozberg

Barbara Liskin Memorial Award in Psychiatry (exemplifies the empathy, scholarship, and excellence exhibited by Dr. Barbara Liskin)

Jennifer S. Harrington-Knopf

The Robert F. Loeb Award (excellence in clinical medicine)

Heidi S. Lumish

Michael A. Thomashow
Sherry Shen

F. Lowenfish Prize in Dermatology (creative research in dermatology)

Margaret L. Dowd

Dana M. Malajian

Christina A. Del Guzzo

Alfred M. Markowitz Endowment for Scholars (exemplifies Dr. Markowitz’s dedication to patient care, teaching, and scholarship)

Ciaran S. O’Brien

Doctor Cecil G. Marquez B.A.L.S.O. Student Award (outstanding contribution to the Black and Latino Student Organization and the minority community)

Christopher J. Gonzalez

David M. McDowell, MD ’89, School Spirit Award (a student who embodies the P&S school spirit)

Colin A. Klenk

Edith and Denton McKane Memorial Award (outstanding research in ophthalmology)

Portia E. Sirinek

James M. McKiernan, MD, Prize for Compassionate Care (exemplifies Dr. James McKiernan’s high level of medical knowledge, humanism, and compassion for patients’ well-being)

Sophia R. O’Brien

Medical Society of the State of New York Community Service Award

Nicholas S. Boscamp

Doctor Harold Lee Meirhof Memorial Prize (excellence in pathology over four years in medical school)

Caitlin J. Alexander

Doctors William Nastuk, Beatrice Seegal, and Konrad Hsu Award (demonstrated successful laboratory collaboration between student and faculty)

Julie Erika M. Haydu
Justin C. Lee

Elizabeth A. Matthews

Marie Nercessian Memorial Award (exhibiting care, unusual concern and dedication to helping sick people)

Darnell A. Cain

Elizabeth I. Landzberg

New York Orthopedic Hospital Award (outstanding performance in research and clinical work)

Ajay S. Padaki

The Daniel Noyes Brown Primary Care Scholar Award (recognizes the recipients’ commitment to primary care and community service)

David G. Hankins

Ariel A. Franks

Jennifer F. Russo

Lois I. Bangiolo

The Office of Student Affairs Outstanding Service to P&S Award (outstanding contribution to improving the quality of life of his or her peers while at P&S)

Hyunwoo P. Kang

Zhen J. Qian

Outstanding Poster Presentation

Scholarly Project: Anna Kress, Emily C. Woodbury

Research Year: Joseph J. Bayne

Outstanding Student in Family Medicine Award (demonstrates academic achievement in the area of family medicine, has shown initiative in community health service and an understanding and commitment to the principles of family medicine)

Ariel A. Franks

Donald M. Palatucci Prize (awarded to the student in the fall of his or her fourth year who is in the upper one-third of the class, who exemplifies through activities in art, music, and literature that living and learning go together, and who exemplifies compassion, candor, and zest for life)

Michael V. Certo

Ian W. Tattersall

Joseph Garrison Parker Award (exemplifying through activities in art, music and literature, and the public interest the fact that living and learning go together)

Nina L. Ragaz

David G. Hankins

The Drs. Robert A. Savitt and George H. McCormack Award (exemplifies Dr. George McCormack’s medical skill, consideration, understanding, and compassion)

Rebecca L. Tisdale

Nadine C. Pardee

Samuel J. Vidal

The Rebecca A. Schwarz Memorial Prize (achievement in pediatric cardiology)

Nicholas S. Boscamp

The Helen M. Sciarra Prize in Neurology (outstanding achievement in neurology)

Elizabeth A. Matthews

Aura E. Severinghaus Scholar (superior academic achievement)

Paul Blackcloud

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award (excellence in the specialty of emergency medicine)

Darnell A. Cain

The Miriam Berkman Spotnitz Award (excellence in research of neoplastic diseases)

Samuel J. Vidal

Stephanie A. Schnell

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award (excellence in science and compassion in patient care)

Jillian L. Diuguid-Gerber

William Perry Watson Prize in Pediatrics (excellence in pediatrics)

Maria Christina Herrera

Doctor William Raynor Watson Memorial Award (excellence in psychiatry throughout the four years of medical school)

Emma G. Golkin

Doctor Allen O. Whipple Memorial Prize (outstanding performance in surgery)

Brian P. Fallon

Sigmund L. Wilens Prize (excellence in pathology)

Elizabeth F. Stone