Alumni in Print


Bonita Eaton Enochs, Editor

Before I Sleep/poems for children who think

Samuel Barondes’58
North Street Steps Press, 2014

In “Before I Sleep,” Dr. Barondes combines whimsical illustrations by Mark Wooding with poems he recently wrote that he calls contemporary successors to Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” “Each is about experiences at home, at school, or at play,” writes Dr. Barondes. “Each invites children to develop a poetic awareness of themselves, of others, and of their place in the world.” The book includes this poem of introduction to the collection:

To the Reader

When a child prepares for bed
And a story will be read
You may wish to take the time
To include a little rhyme.

One designed to entertain
And inspire a growing brain
Helping it to figure out
What the world is all about.

And if you would like to see
Samples of such poetry
Here are some I hope will please,
Why not start with one of these.


Operative Notes: Stories of a Teaching Surgeon

Lawrence W. Norton’58
Xulon Press, 2014

“Operative Notes” is the final book of a trilogy by Dr. Norton that traces his surgical training, his work in a mission hospital in India, and his years of teaching in medical schools in America and abroad. “Operative Notes” begins with Dr. Norton’s culture shock in operating on patients with knife and gunshot wounds in Denver soon after his return from five years in India, where such trauma was seldom seen. Along the way Dr. Norton describes with transparency his clinical victories and defeats in treating patients suffering with life-threatening conditions. In doing so he opens doors to the mysteries of operating room behavior, doctor-patient relationships, and camaraderie among surgeons both in the United States and overseas.


Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA): A Practical Approach

Sara Monaco’03
Karger, 2014


Quick Compendium of Cytopathology

Sara Monaco’03
ASCP Press, 2013

Dr. Monaco is one of three editors of “EBUS-TBNA: A Practical Approach,” a reference book that focuses on the clinical, technical, and pathological aspects of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration. It covers the procedure from the clinical perspective, technical aspects, and cytomorphology of common and uncommon entities and highlights diagnostic challenges. Dr. Monaco is one of three authors of “Quick Compendium of Cytopathology,” the latest in the American Society for Clinical Pathology Quick Compendium Series. This edition has been upgraded with more than 900 full color images illustrating key cytomorphologic features, results of ancillary studies, and diagnostic pitfalls.


Einstein’s Beach House

Jacob M. Appel’09
Pressgang, 2014

Dr. Appel’s latest collection of short stories includes tales about a couple who adopt a depressed hedgehog; a stranger who shows up and claims to be the father of a girl’s imaginary friend; a woman who kidnaps her ex-husband’s turtle; and a family evicted from a home that may not have been theirs. The eight stories in Dr. Appel’s book examine how we deceive ourselves and others in the quest for something far more real. As one reviewer put it, “Lives are coming apart, and coming together, in stories that live with you long after you’ve read them.”