Jonathan Tang’16

Third-year medical student Jonathan “Jon” Tang died in a September kayaking accident in upstate New York.

Lisa A. Mellman, MD, senior associate dean for student affairs, called Mr. Tang someone who brought people together using his uplifting and cheerful personality. “Over the years, he grew close to many students and faculty. Growing up in an economically disadvantaged background in Brooklyn, Jonathan worked in Chinese kitchens cleaning pots and cutting vegetables. He excelled at Stuyvesant High School and New York University, where he studied chemistry and was a varsity fencer,” says Dr. Mellman.

As president of the Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association and through the Health and Education for the Asian Liver Project, says Dr. Mellman, “Jon often took time out of his schedule to teach high school students and other members of the community about hepatitis B vaccination and screening. He was also active in helping P&S students connect with mentors from the community keen on collaborating towards his mission of serving his home community.”