Alumni in Print

Toxic Food Nation: Why the American Diet Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It

George Burnell’57

Outskirts Press, 2017

Is toxic food the new tobacco? In his new book, Dr. Burnell examines the typical American diet: rich in processed foods, fat, sugar, salt, omega-6s, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and hundreds of untested chemicals. How harmful are these chemicals? According to Dr. Burnell, this diet can trigger chronic inflammation in the body and brain, which leads to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, anxiety, mood and behavior disorders, and cancer. Drawing from clinical and laboratory studies as well as the latest research from around the world, Dr. Burnell creates a highly practical program of simple dietary recommendations to prevent disease and heal threatening symptoms. 


The Guide to Interpersonal Psychotherapy

John Markowitz’82

Oxford University Press, 2018

Since its introduction as a brief, empirically validated treatment for depression, interpersonal psychotherapy has broadened its scope and repertoire to include disorders of behavior and personality as well as disorders of mood. The new edition of this book, written by Dr. Markowitz with Myrna M. Weissman, the Diane Goldman Professor of Epidemology and Psychiatry at P&S, consolidates the revised 1984 manual with new applications and research results plus studies in process that show promise and an international resource exchange.


The Complete A to Z to your V

Alyssa Dweck’87

Quarto Publishing Group, 2017

In her new book, Dr. Dweck tells women of all ages what they need to know about their own unique health. The friendly and funny voice along with accessible illustrations make subjects that normally make people squirm easy and enjoyable to read about. Dr. Dweck “gives nothing but straightforward information without a political or religious slant or without pushing an agenda,” wrote one reviewer. “If you’re a parent with a female child, are an adult that would like a trustworthy source of information, or doctor looking for a unique way to educate patients, I really recommend this book.”


American Dream with an Exit Wound

Dawn McGuire’87

IF SF Publishing, 2017

In this new poetry collection by Dr. McGuire, an award-winning poet and neurologist, returning soldiers bring “hazardous materials” home in their bodies and minds, making home increasingly a battleground of addiction and disaffection. The poems are inspired by her work with post 9/11 veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and their various conditions, including addiction and PTSD. “My son is in the Army and this spoke to me. It is well done and demonstrates a depth of understanding for the sacrifices our soldiers have made—mental, physical, and spiritual,” said a reviewer.


The Liars’ Asylum

Jacob M. Appel’09

Black Lawrence Press, 2017


Dr. Appel’s latest collection has eight short stories, among them “Bait and Switch,” “Picklock in Oblivion,” and “When Love Was an Angel’s Kidney.” The stories feature vivid characters, inventive settings, and writing that sparks with specificity. “There is not a single false note when it comes to Appel’s characters and their intertwined lives,” wrote Suzanne Greenberg, author of “Speed-Walk and Other Stories.”